Events in 2015:

24.11.2015, 9-13.00:

The Sound of the Cosmos
Internal Workshop of the Research Projects «Conditio Extraterrestris» and «Stimmung und Polyphonie» (Prof. Dr. Boris Previšić, University Luzern)
Deutsches Seminar Zürich, RAL, Dozentenzimmer


Boris Buzek, M.A.:
Lieux du futur.
Des expéditions littéraires extraterrestres

Course «Visions et utopies» (Laboratoire des Arts pour les Sciences, Prof. Dr. Nicola Braghieri)
EPFL, Bâtiment BP, 1015 Lausanne

22.10.2015, 21.00:

Reading Mars
Public premiere of the MOOC »Spacebooks«, with a panel discussion
Strauhof Zürich

14.10.2015, 11.45 Uhr:

Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn:
Does our Economic System still need Human Beings?
Annual Conference of the Academia Engelberg Monastery of Engelberg


18.9.2015, 18.15:

Still human or already Cyborg?
Discussion with Katharina Bochsler, Martin R. Dean, Javier Andrés Bargas-Avila, Corinna Virchow, Mario Kaiser and Philipp Theisohn. University of Basel, Kollegienhaus


Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn:
Literatur as an Interstellar Medium
IVG-Congress Shanghai, Section B4


Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn:
The Others’ History. Outer Space as Fertile Ground for Counterfactual Narratives
Workshop: Fiction and History. The Art of the Possible in the Early Modern World 1500-1800

14.4.2015, 19.30 Uhr:

Discussion with German author Leif Randt about his latest novel:
Planet Magnon
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn Literaturhaus Zürich: 
Recording [in German]

26.3.2015, 16.30 Uhr:

Mateusz Cwik, M.A.:
An Emergence of Language: Space. Towards the Poetic Potential of Outer Space-Literature.
University of Yamaguchi (Japan)
Tagung: High and Low Literature. Intercultural and intermedial Perspectives of a Problematic Dichotomy.

Events in 2014:

15.12.2014, 16.00 Uhr:
Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn:
Spacebooks. History and Functions of the Book in Outer Space
Where? Brandenburgisches Zentrum für Medienwissenschaften Potsdam, Neues Palais

04.12.2014, 20.00 Uhr:
Future technology 2.0 - Nanos in Literature and Media.
Reading and Discussion with Herbert W. Franke.
Where? Collegium Helveticum, Alte Sternwarte Zürich.
A Cooperation of Collegium Helveticum and »Conditio extraterrestris«, featuring Prof. Dr. Klaus Ensslin (ETH Zürich), Prof. Dr. Hans Esselborn (Universität Köln), Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn.


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Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn:
Literature in Rockets.
Scenarios of the Interstellar Book Market
Conference »Der Himmel als transkultureller ethischer Raum: Himmelskonstellationen im Spannungsfeld von Literatur und Wissen«, Haus St. Ulrich, Augsburg
Conference Website


Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn: 
The literary telescope.
A short history of extraterrestrial fantasy [in German]

20.30: Urania-Sternwarte Zürich
Information and Reservation at »Zürich liest«

2.-4. 10.2014, Collegium Helveticum:



»Canton Mars«. A Reading and Conversation with Kim Stanley Robinson. 
(Seebad Utoquai, 20.15)


Lecture series, in cooperation with Migros culture percentage:

Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn: 
The literary telescope.
A short history of extraterrestrial fantasy [in German]

2.6.2014, 20 Uhr:
Urania Observatory Zurich
3.6.2014, 20 Uhr:
Urania Observatory Zurich
4.6.2014, 20 Uhr:
Der Hauptsitz, Bern, Grabenpromenade
5.6.2014, 20 Uhr:
Abbey Library of Saint Gall
11.6.2014, 20 Uhr:
House of Electronic Arts, Basel, Oslostrasse 10
Further information on the lecture series can be found here.


Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn: 
The Suits of Invasion. Extra-Terrestrial Warfare and the ‘Clothing’ of the Body Politic in Twentieth-Century Fiction.
(Conference Embattled Heavens: The Militarization of Space in Science, Fiction, and Politics, FU Berlin) 

Workshop with PD Dr. Steffen Schneider (Tübingen):

25.3.2014, 18 Uhr,  SOC (Rämistrasse 69), Raum 1-101:
Vortrag: »On Visibility and Invisibility. Giordano Bruno's Detection of the Infinite Cosmos« [in German] 

26.3.2014, 9 Uhr,  KAB E 05 (Kantonschulstrasse 3):
Workshop: »The Reformation of Cosmology and the Transformation of Extraterrestrial Imagination in 16th-century Italy« [in German]

Reports Workshop I (PDF, 72 KB)

Species - Politics, Science and Fiction
(Collegium Helveticum, Schmelzbergstrasse 25, 8006 Zürich). Programm (PDF, 2424 KB)


Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn: 
The inhabited galaxy as the space of literary communication
(Zeppelin-Museum, Medienraum, 19 Uhr, siding the exhibition »Archeology of the future«)


Internal workshop: Stanisław Lem - Kosmos und Phantastik

Events in 2013:

Topic Related Courses in Fall ( Herbstsemester 2013):

Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn:

The Literature of Alien Planets. History and Poetic of an Extraterrestrial Life (Lecture, Tue 14:00-16:00, RAI-G-041)

Note: The course is in German.


Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn: 
The planetary memory.
History, system and holdings of extraterrestrial libraries [in German]
(»Bibliothek, Archiv, Enzyklopädie. Un/Ordnungen des Wissens«,
Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliches Forschungszentrum Trier.


Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn:
The Galactic Spectator.
Establishing a Narrative Perspective

(»Zuschauen!« Ein Kolloquium zum 70. Geburtstag von Bernhard Greiner, Seidvilla München, Gorbachzimmer.)


13.9.2013, 12:15-13:15: »Zmittagslabor«
at the Cabaret Voltaire

Prof. Dr. Philipp Theisohn:
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