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Deutsches Seminar


Vortrag: Freitag, 16.08.2024
Always in the Making: Hans Christian Andersen’s Picture-Book Without Pictures in a Global Context
Mit: Prof. Dr. Klaus Müller-Wille
Organisiert von: Dr. Torsten Bøgh Thomsen
Zeit/Ort: 09:00, Odense, Syddansk Universitet, HC Andersen Centre
In this paper, I would like to look at Andersen’s international publication strategies less from a
translation-theoretical perspective than from a book-historical and media-theoretical perspective.
In doing so, the discussion of Billedbog uden billeder (Picture book without pictures) will serve
as an example of the very mobile publication strategies Andersen was able to use in order to react
quickly to local demands. In this respect the analysis of Picture book without pictures could serve
as an example for a corresponding investigation of the international publication-strategy of Andersen’s fairy-tale-collections.