Phonetic Transcription


This tutorial offers a historical overview of phonetic transcription from the foundations in the nineteenth century (i.e. the creation of the dialectological transcription systems and the introduction of the IPA in 1886) to the novel tools used in the field of speech technology (e.g. the X-SAMPAAlphabet). The practical exercices focus on different types of transcription (broad/narrow, phonemic/phonetic, systematic/impressionistic), on the basis of both written texts and audio recordings and illustrating better and lesser known languages. The technical tools consist in particular of phonetic fonts (including shortcuts and the "IPA-Palette") and the use of acoustic software for manual and automatic segmentation/annotation of audio recordings. An outlook on some non-phonetic procedures of annotating spoken language (e.g. in the field of conversation analysis or working with video recordings) will round off the tutorial.





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