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History of the English Language 1: Focus on Old English


This module introduces students to the history of English and to English historical linguistics. It is intended for Bachelor students in their second year and consists of two parts: a lecture and a seminar. The lecture provides an overview on the history of the English language from the Indo-European pre-history of English to the Norman Conquest of 1066. The seminar introduces the students to Old English (the language spoken and written in Britain between AD 450-1150). The module gives an insight into these early forms of English and provides guidance on how to read original texts in Old English with the help of glossaries. It also introduces some basic principles of English historical linguistics and of the study of early medieval English literature.

Modultyp Pflicht

Vorlesung, Seminar, Tutorat

Dieses Modul wird durch das Englische Seminar angeboten. Alle weiteren Informationen erhalten Sie dort.

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Students are required to have passed an introductory module in linguistics at Bachelor level. The level of English language skills required for this course should correspond to the level achieved on succesful completion of the Language Skills and Culture introductory module.





Jedes Herbstsemester


Portfolio: schriftliche Prüfung (3/5), Lernportfolio (2/5)


6 ECTS, benotet