Phonetic Data Analysis


Research on language increasingly relies on the analysis of large databases and a large number of
such corpora already exist, in particular for English. In spoken language, data analysis is more
complicated compared to written language as the speech signal is a highly variable continuous
stream of events which first needs to be processed to arrive at the underlying linguistic units. For this
reason, phoneticians regularly resort to the aid of technical devices in order to record, file, edit and
analyse large speech corpora. In this module we look at the technical side of phonetic database
compilation, processing and analysis. The students acquire and develop skills and techniques
necessary to carry out recordings of speech, organize and edit them efficiently and learn how to
analyse them. We will look at sound recording equipment and software solutions geared specifically
towards the need of phonetic processing and analysis.





Dieses Modul wird durch das Institut für Computerlinguistik angeboten. Alle weiteren Informationen finden sie dort.