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Deutsches Seminar

Speech perception


Human listeners can retrieve abstact linguistic messages from speech signals despite of the fact that there is strong variability in acoustic realisations of speech between individuals or between situations. Acquiring a language, listeners have to learn about how sounds group to syllables and syllables group to words and they can perform such decisions on speech despite of highly ambiguous cues to sounds, syllables or words. For this reason different theories of speech perception propose various solutions as to how speech can be perceived apparently effortlessly given its highly variable nature.





Leistungsnachweis Portfolio: (a) written assignments throughout term (50%), (b) written exam (50%).
Dauer Einsemestrig
Angebotsmuster Jedes 2. Herbstsemester
Credits 6 ECTS, benotet
Modulverantwortung Volker Dellwo
Voraussetzungen The participation in "Fundamentals of Speech Sciences and Signal Processing" is highly recommended.
Programme Ma Major Deutsche Sprachwissenschaft/Literaturwissenschaft (90 ECTS Credits)
Master Minor Deutsche Sprachwissenschaft/Literaturwissenschaft (30 ECTS Credits)

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