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Deutsches Seminar Germanic Heritage Languages in the Americas


Friday, 23rd of April 2021

9.00–9.15 Welcome & introductory remarks
David Albert Natvig (Oslo): Trajectories of language shift and sound change in American Norwegian communities
10.05–10.45 Marit Westergaard (Tromsø / Trondheim): Crosslinguistic influence and overcorrection in bilingual acquisition and attrition: The case of Norwegian heritage language
10.55–11.35 Kari Kinn (Bergen): Stability and change in American Norwegian: Perspectives from the nominal domain
11.45–12.25 Ida Larsson (Halden - Fredrikstad): Variation and Innovation in Heritage Swedish
12.25–14.00 lunch break
14.00–14.40 Karoline Kühl (Flensburg): Danish immigrant communities in North America: Quick assimilation and the occasional language island
14.50–15.30 Gertjan Postma (Amsterdam): DO support and the -ED past morpheme in English and Brazilian Pomeranian – Consequences for Distributed Morphology
15.40–16.20 Göz Kaufmann (Freiburg i Br.): Putting Complex Mental Concepts into Words: The Case of Past Counterfactuals in Pomerano

Saturday, 24th of April 2021

9.10–9.15 introductory remarks
9.15–9.55 Anja Hasse & Guido Seiler (Zurich): How Bernese Swiss German is Amish Shwitzer?
10.05–11.05 small group meetings 'students meet the expert(s)' (slot not open to the public)
11.15–13.15 final plenary discussion & farewell